The bottle that keeps you safe

Steel flasks develop millions of harmful bacteria within minutes.

Bacteria being analysed

Whether at home, on the road, at work or during sport, we are constantly exposed to bacteria; bottles encourage their reproduction and are one of the main causes of contamination.

Diedra is the bottle made of an antibacterial material.

Diedra bottle still

Thanks to the material consisting of millions of silver ions, Diedra prevents bacterial growth, ensuring a safe and odour-free experience.

Shaping innovation through materials and technology

Abstract metal layers

The special metal-ceramic composition makes Diedra a bottle that is resistant to scratches, everyday wear and corrosion.

Icon of a cube



Icon of bacteria


of bacteria killed

Icon of circular triangle composed of three arrows



Icon of 3 lines


more scratch resistant

Icon of an atom


silver ions

Practicality first

2-ways opening

Unique shapes and textures for a sensory experience.

Soft textures and sinuous geometries envelop Diedra in a minimalist design to be explored with your senses.

Half shadow silhouette of the bottle

Our planet is begging for help

Thanks to its eco-sustainable philosophy translated into its recyclable components, Diedra was created as a bottle with a low environmental impact to enhance our planet, one sip at a time.

Aerial view of an iceberg
A glacier
A swamp with a car train on the side
An iceberg
Aerial view of a green forest