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Experience a greener tomorrow with our innovative self-cleaning bottle - the effortless way to embrace sustainability

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From design to production in total sustainability

A single material for total sustainability, Diedra is made of the same material throughout, inside and out Not just a product designed to be sustainable, but an entire ecosystem evolved to ensure the lowest possible level of environmental impact. Delivering Diedra into your hands guarantees the start of a long-lasting process of environmental gain.

A quick snapshot

Plastic bottles on the ground

How long does it take for a plastic bottle to decompose?



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How many plastic bottles are used each day?



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How many plastic bottles are in the ocean?



Plastic bottle on the beach

How much plastic will be in the ocean in 2050?


Million tons

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How many plastic bottles are used each year?



Plastic bottles on a beach

What are we doing to improve the situation?



We're trying our best

100% Recycled aluminium

100% Recyclable

Environmentally friendly manufacturing 4.0

66 tonnes less co2

10,000 Plastic bottles saved

Diedra is fully regenerable

In harmony with nature

Plastics, metals, non-recyclable products, we want to respond to nature's call by creating and disposing of low-impact products that can be reused from product to raw material.Never before has the health of individuals come under scrutiny. Taking care of oneself, even in common gestures, is the best way to defend one's health from infections of various kinds, while preserving the environment from waste and unsustainable consumption of materials.

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15x more sustainable than a steel bottle

Free of decorative paints, wearable components and the proliferation of unpleasant odours, Diedra is designed to be long-lasting and to accompany you for a very long time, as beautiful and functional as on day one.

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Sustainable, for real

Diedra is the most durable bottle on the market. It will stay with you for a long time without you having to worry about changing or replacing it for many years. If you use Diedra for 5 years, you have saved the environment 35,000* bottles.