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Explore the technical aspects of our technology and get your questions answered in our FAQs section

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Has diedra's anti-microbial technology been tested?

The Diedra technology was tested for 20 years before being applied to this product and you can find all the tests done at this download link, anti-microbial tests.

Is Diedra certified for food contact?

Diedra is fully compliant with food contact legislation, and even after 10 years of use there is no release of heavy materials and other hazardous substances in either cold or hot environments.

How does DIEDRA antimicrobial technology work?

Diedra works completely autonomously - you don't have to do anything to get the power of silver ions at your disposal, and this will last forever. The silver ions attach themselves to the micro-organisms inside and outside and fight them.

Is Diedra safe?

Of course, you use it as a normal non-thermal reusable bottle, you could eat off Diedra. Just avoid behaviours that could damage you but not the bottle, don't put it in a microwave or oven as the material is highly conductive.

Does Diedra ionize water?

Yes, Diedra ionizes your fluids by making them more osmotic to your body, which it does in 6-8.


Can I put my Diedra in the microwave and fridge?

Diedra can be refrigerated and microwaved without any risk to you or the bottle.

Can I wash my Diedra in the dishwasher?

No, you cannot use conventional dishwasher detergents or soaps because they contain soda, which would damage the surface of your Diedra. It has been designed to be opened, so that it can only be cleaned properly and without residue using running water and mild soap.

Can I take Diedra on the plane?

Of course you can take any flight with Diedra, but it must be empty and contain no liquid because its capacity is greater than you can carry.

Can I put liquids other than water into Diedra?

In fact, any liquid contained within Diedra is preserved 10 times better than in other products, from dairy products to juices to supplements. We recommend that you don't put liquids or foods that are too acidic inside your Diedra as this will affect its properties. And after each use with other liquids, remember to rinse with soap and water. Even if you don't, don't worry - your bottle will prevent unpleasant smells.

Can I fill Diedra with water from non-potable sources?

No, Diedra kills the most common bacteria but not all microorganisms have been tested on its material, we do not recommend filling your Diedra from unsafe sources, such as streams, wells etc.

Why does Diedra have a double opening?

Diedra opens on both the upper and lower ends to facilitate cleaning and give you the option of cleaning it completely.

How clean should the water be?

The water used to fill the bottle must be certified as drinkable or purified. Using water purifiers and refill stations for your Diedra will help the environment and keep you hydrated.