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Introducing the revolutionary self-cleaning bottle, designed with innovative technology to keep you and the environment healthy.

Diedra bottle on top of a black rock with a dramatic shadow

Why are common reusable bottles unsafe?

Reusable bottles have the sole advantage of being inexpensive, and prolonged use can be hazardous to your health. When the water bottle comes into contact with your mouth and hands, bacteria and microorganisms settle on the mouth and on both internal and external surfaces and proliferate very quickly. The XYZ study shows the presence of highly dangerous bacteria in 95% of the reusable bottles analyzed.

Dangerous bacteria you can find in a water bottle

Staphylococcus aureus

Causes skin infections, food poisoning, and pneumonia

Escherichia Coli

Causes diarrhea, urinary tract infections, and potentially fatal sepsis

Salmonella Typhimurium

Causes food poisoning and severe gastrointestinal illness

Legionella Pneumophila

Causes Legionnaires' disease, a severe form of pneumonia

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Causes infections in immunocompromised individuals and hospital-acquired pneumonia

Candida albicans

Causes thrush and other fungal infections in the mouth and genitals

The strongest bottle on the market

Diedra's metal-ceramic and silver composition makes it extremely resistant to scratches, knocks, and wear. This also extends Diedra's life span.

Best quality manufacturing materials:

  • Metal-ceramic
  • Silver
Diedra bottle on top of a black rock with a dramatic shadow

Unique shapes and textures for a sensory experience.

Soft textures and sinuous geometries envelop Diedra in a minimalist design to be explored with your senses.

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High technology in a everyday product

Thanks to its eco-sustainable philosophy translated into its recyclable components, Diedra was created as a bottle with a low environmental impact to enhance our planet, one sip at a time.

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Sustainable, for real

Diedra is the most durable bottle on the market. It will stay with you for a long time without you having to worry about changing or replacing it for many years. If you use Diedra for 5 years, you have saved the environment 35,000* bottles.